Why You Should Quit Smoking Now

If you have been smoking for a number of years, or even decades, you may not see the benefit in quitting your smoking habit. In fact, you may feel like the damage is already done, so why bother. There are actually some very valid reasons that you should stop smoking now. These reasons, and the benefits connected to smoking secession, can benefit you even if you are late to the quit smoking game. Here are a few of those reasons to consider.

Financial Freedom

You have probably heard about the health reasons that you should quit, but there is a non-health related reason to quit. The average price of a pack of cigarettes is around $5 per pack. If you have a pack a day habit, you are smoking through $150 on average per month. For many people that money pays a cable bill, power bill, or one week of groceries. When you quit smoking, you free up that amount of money to go into savings, pay a bill, or invest in your future.

Oral Health

No matter how many times you brush your teeth a day and no matter what brand of oral care you use, smoking will still shine through. You will have bad breath, stains on your teeth, and even stains around your lips. When you quit smoking, you can begin a treatment plan that will help reduce these effects. You will also be able to have an oral treatment plan put in place to whiten your teeth. Though you can do that while you are still smoking, you will have to have more intense whitening done and you may have to have it done for longer to reach your goals. This is an expensive endeavor that can be lessened if you aren’t smoking.

Natural Energy

Smoking drains your natural energy and can give you a false sense of calm. This false sense of calm can lead to you being so laid back that you simply have no energy. It isn’t calming, it is a stimulant that drains your energy and leads you to keep coming back to smoking to gain that feeling again and again. When you stop smoking, you will slowly start to see your natural energy levels come back and the ability to do more things in your daily life, including exercise.

Depending on your current health situation, diagnosis of health issues, and emotional state there could be many more reasons that you should quit smoking now. These are just some of the most common reasons and benefits. For more benefits and reasons, consider a consultation with your physician and a full checkup to determine what other reasons are there for you to quit.

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