Natural Remedies For Quitting Smoking

Natural Remedies For Quitting Smoking

When you start the process to quit smoking, you may already know about some of the popular methods to help you. For example, you may know about methods like the patch that releases nicotine into your system over a certain period of time. You may also know about the nicotine gum and similar solutions. These solutions are all chemically based and not considered to be natural sources of treatment. If you are looking for a natural treatment plan, then you may be looking for actual natural remedies. Here are a few of the remedies that natural consultants suggest for quitting smoking.

Essential Oil Diffusing

Diffusing essential oils can help with the stress and anxiety that may come with your plan to quit smoking. The most common oil to diffuse is lavender. There are other oils that can help with stress and anxiety as well. In addition to the many blends that are available from various manufacturers, you can make your own oil blends. Some people find that orange oil works well to invigorate the mind and move past depression related issues that cause you to feel drained. Others use chamomile or frankincense to help remove anxiety from their environment.

Increased Water Consumption

One of the leading issues with your path to quit smoking may be the toxin build up in your body. One way to remove those toxins is to flush them out. You can do this with water. If you don’t like the lack of flavor with water, or if you have had a tough time drinking water in the past, consider doing an infused water with fruit. Apple and cinnamon infused water can help you drink more water and can help with your metabolism.

Mindfulness Practices

Practicing mindfulness is another natural way of helping you quit smoking. This can consist of journaling and meditation. Journaling may be something you have not considered, but it can help you identify what is triggering the issues you are having with your plan to stop smoking and focus on those to remove them.

These methods work best for those who have been smoking for less than a decade or who have a mild smoking addiction, meaning less than a pack and a half a day. If you have a severe addiction to smoking, or have been smoking for longer than a decade, consider a consultation with a smoking secession therapist for other methods available to you.

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