How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Cold turkey smoking secession refers to the method of suddenly stopping smoking. There is no easing into it. There is no contemplation or treatment plan. You simply stop smoking. There can be some drawbacks to this method, especially if you don’t know how to do it properly. Here are some methods you can use to quit smoking cold turkey and get through the tougher times of the cold turkey method.

Get Rid of All Your Tobacco

The first step is to get rid of all the tobacco in your home, car, and work environment. Anywhere you have tobacco stashed, you need to clean out. This may seem extreme, but cold turkey is an extreme method. If you have the available tobacco there then you will reach for it when you feel the craving or need. You will want to grab it to deal with stress and that will derail you. Though this seems like a silly step to list, it is one of the most important step.

Get Rid of Anything Smoking Related

If you have lighters, cigarette cases, coffee mugs with smoking decals, or even clothing that is smoking related you need to get rid of it. Anything that will trigger the memory or need for a smoke is something that you should get rid of. The idea here is to create an environment at home, in the car, or at work that is free of smoking. You are going for a look and environment of someone who has never smoked and will never smoke.

Limit Your Social Smoking Encounters

Most people are fine with not smoking at home or at work. The problem is when they go out with friends who smoke. This causes a social environment that says smoking is fine and takes away the stigma associated with smoking in your mind. Though you should not cut all your friends that smoke off, you can limit the social smoking encounters that you have or create a social environment for yourself that does not involved smoking. This will help quitting cold turkey move easier and be a bit smoother of a process.

Use Alternative Stress Release Methods

Stress is one of the leading reasons that will lead you back to smoking. If you are quitting cold turkey then you need to make sure you have an alternative way of dealing with that stress. You can try journaling, meditation, exercise, or other hobby that will help you deal with the stress. For some people, the simple act of watching a movie or going outside helps. Just make sure that you have something in place for those stressful moments.

Keep in mind, quitting smoking cold turkey can be very difficult. You will go through times when you crave smoking or through health issues like headaches. You may find yourself slipping back into smoking. This is just one method, and all you can do is try it. If you have too many health issues or problems, give yourself time and seek a physician for assistance. They can set you on a treatment plan that will work with you.

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