How to Handle Withdrawals From Quitting Smoking

Headaches, nausea, weight gain, and insomnia are all aspects of withdrawal that you may experience from quitting smoking. You may already know about these or you may be experiencing them. The issue comes in with actually dealing with the withdrawals and handling them so you can function during your day. Here are a few ways to handle withdrawals from quitting smoking so you can still function and get through the smoking secession process.

Journaling Options

You can choose to journal your way through the withdrawal symptoms. Though this method may not work for everyone, it can help some people. The idea with journaling is not to simply write down what you are thinking. The idea is to go back and look for triggers that may have caused you to feel negatively or notice the symptom. You can then focus on removing those issues and making your day a bit more positive.

Changing Your Diet

Changing your diet can also help with dealing with withdrawals. Focus on superfoods that can build your energy and stamina as well as cut down on inflammation in the body. The inflammation is an important focus as it can lead to body aches, pains, and headaches. If you focus on this with your diet plan, and work to increase foods and drinks that help move toxins from your system, you will notice a reduction in the withdrawal symptoms overall.

Exercise Programs

Exercise can be an ideal way to get rid of tension, anxiety, and stress from your daily life. This doesn’t just mean focusing on cardio. You can focus on tension relieving exercise programs like Crossfit or more physical options like MMA. These will help you get tension and aggression out that could lead to you picking up another cigarette and derailing your program or treatment options.

Using Apps

One way to really help with withdrawals and feel like you are accomplishing something is to use apps on your smartphone. There are apps that help you focus on more positive options and instances in your life. These apps can help you realize how far you have come. This can help people get through the withdrawals and give them something else to focus on. It is also portable so you can access it at anytime from anywhere.

These are only a few ways to handle the withdrawals. There are more natural and spiritual ways of handling it as well. These methods include mindfulness treatments, journaling, meditation, and natural supplements. You can try all of these methods, just a few, or the ones that seem to stand out to you.

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